Ghost Tours

Visitors can take a walk on the spooky side of St. Augustine with one of the many guided ghost tours in town. The nation's oldest city is full of history, mystery and stories and a ghostly experience waits around every corner of the historic downtown district. There are guided walking and riding paranormal tours in town that take visitors to the most haunted buildings. The historical sites in St. Augustine play host to many residents that have long since passed. The ghost tours provide visitors a glimpse into the real lives of many of the city's deceased residents. Visitors interested in the paranormal will find the ghost tours appealing as well as informative. History buffs can get a feel for what life was like in St. Augustine through the broad research each ghost tour guide does before telling their stories. Visitors looking for something different to do will enjoy the paranormal tours and the interesting facts about the nation's oldest city!

Segs by the Sea

(904) 687-1007
South St. George Street

Visitors can hop on a Segway and see the sights offered in scenic and historic St. Augustine with personalized history, ghost and fun tours designed for comfort and mobility.

Ghost Tours of St. Augustine

(904) 829-1122
4 Granada St.

"St. Augustine's ORIGINAL ghost tours, as seen on Travel Channel and Discovery Channel"

Ripley's Ghost Train

(904) 824-1606
19 San Marco Ave.

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Tour the spookiest spots in St. Augustine with Ripley's Ghost Train Adventure and use hi-tech devices to detect supernatural spirits!

Ghosts & Gravestones Tour

(904) 826-3663
167 San Marco Ave.

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Take a terrifying trolley tour around St. Augustine and learn about the city's dark history!

Ghost Walks With A Pirate

(904) 806-4495
78 St. George Street

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Talk a ghost tour through St. Augustine featuring pirate guides.

St. Augustine Historic Walking Tours

(904) 392-7137
64 Hypolita Street

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Visitors can choose from a variety of history tours based on their interests: food, pets, pirates, ghosts, and drinks.

Sheriff's Ghost Walk

(904) 540-0031
32 St. George Street

Explore St. Augustine’s supernatural side with the ghosts of Sheriff Guy White and his deputies.

City Walks

(904) 825-0087
4 Granada Street

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City Walks provides a variety of fun and informative tours for the historic city of St. Augustine, Florida.

GhoSt Augustine

(904) 824-8840
162 St. George Street

This ghost tour offers rides around town, visits to special locations, and the basics of paranormal investigation.

2 Ghouls Ghost Tours

(904) 671-5010
14 Sevilla Street

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Explore the Victorian Gilded Age through the paranormal tours and activities with 2 Ghouls Ghost Tours in St. Augustine.

Ancient City Tours

(904) 827-0807
6 Cordova St.

Looking for history, romance, ghosts, or Christmas lights? Whether you visit St. Augustine for hours or days, Ancient City Tours is the locally owned, receptive tour operator that will take care of your needs.