On the Water

Visitors interested in wildlife sightings or the relaxed nature of boating will find the tours on the water most enjoyable! Any visitor who would like to see St. Augustine from a different perspective can take a tour on the water with any of the local boat tour services, some even offer kayaking tour services as well. St. Augustine's historic downtown faces the scenic Matanzas Bay to the east. Boat tours on the water take visitors past many of the historic sites while also spotting local Florida wildlife. St. Augustine's climate is classic Florida weather and stays mostly sunny all year round. Visitors can go on a boat or kayak tour well into the winter months and still enjoy warm temperatures! Many tours go out to sea as well and do not just stay on the Matanzas River. Glide through the historic wetlands of St. Augustine while soaking in the sun and spotting natural wildlife!

Vacationers can enjoy the pampered surroundings of a fully-appointed yacht as they tour St. Augustine.

Schooner Freedom

111 Avenida Menendez

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Sail on the Florida waters that border the city of St. Augustine, the same currents that guided Menendez, Drake, and Ponce de Leon.

Dolphin Safari

282 Yacht Club Drive

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Take a scenic tour with the family or enjoy drinks at sunset on Jax Water Tours!

St. Augustine Eco Tours

111 Avenida Menendez

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This guided tour on the water boasts serious nature and serious fun. See the Florida wetland landscape and wildlife from the comfort of a boat piloted by trained guides and captains.