Historical Sites

Explore the cobblestone streets and you will find historic sites all around downtown. Every corner is rich with a long history, waiting to be discovered. No vacation in St. Augustine is finished until you have gazed up at the Louis Comfort-Tiffany stained glass at Flagler College, or climbed the steps of the lighthouse, taken a sip from the fountain of youth or learned of the vast history of Aviles Street, the oldest street in the oldest city in the nation. Parts of the city predate the country itself! Visit St. Augustine and stop in at the old houses and museums to discover a new side of the city that was once a small port town and is now a bustling, energetic community dedicated to preserving its valuable past. The heritage and culture of the old city are still deeply relevant even today!

Flagler's Legacy Tours

(904) 823-3378
75 King Street

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Take a tour of this glamorous hotel from the golden age of Florida tourism, and current campus of Flagler College.

Fountain of Youth

(904) 829-3168
11 Magnolia Ave.

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At the Fountain of Youth, vacationers can step back in time to a 1500s Spanish colony and Timicuan village, and drink from the springs at this educational and engaging attraction!

St. Photios Greek Shrine

(904) 829-8205
41 St. George Street

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Pray, light a candle, or view the Byzantine frescoes in this shrine and museum dedicated to the first Greek colony in the US.

Lightner Museum

(904) 824-2874
75 King Street

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Step into time and marvel at the historic collection in this old hotel turned museum.

Ximenez-Fatio House Museum

(904) 829-3575
20 Aviles Street

Visitors can tour this well-preserved historic home and see fascinating artifacts from the 18th Century!

Father O'Reilly House Museum

(904) 826-0750
32 Aviles Street

Built during the first Spanish Period, the Father O'Reilly House Museum is one of the oldest structures in St. Augustine; the Castillo de San Marcos being the only older building!

St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum

(904) 829-0745
81 Lighthouse Avenue

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Climb 219 steps to the top for a breathtaking view of the nation's oldest city and the Atlantic Ocean!

Castillo de San Marcos

(904) 829-6506
1 South Castillo Drive

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The oldest masonry fort in the continental US, built by the Spanish from 1672-1695. Today, it is a National Monument.

Fort Matanzas

(904) 471-0116
8635 A1A South

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This park and historic site offers a glimpse into history, scenic trails, and shoreside access for fishing and collecting shells.

Oldest House Museum Complex

(904) 824-2872
14 St. Francis Street

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Visit Florida's Oldest House Museum Complex, a National Historic Landmark for four centuries of history on one beautiful site.

Oldest Wooden School House

(888) 653-7245
14 St. George Street

Take a lesson from the Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse in the country, complete with replica displays and museum on the inside!

First Colony Museum

(904) 823-2212
48 King Street

This Government House exhibit educates visitors on St. Augustine's multicultural heritage with interactive learning!

Dow Museum of Historic Houses

(904) 823-9722
149 Cordova Street

Learn about Florida’s historical and cultural development through interactive experiences, exhibitions, and objects and this historic museum!

Old Jail

(904) 829-3800
167 San Marco Ave.

Home of St. Augustine's most violent criminals from 1891–1953.

Pena-Peck House

(904) 829-5064
143 St. George Street

The Pena-Peck House is a historic house that offers guided tours to visitors and locals.

Excelsior Museum and Cultural Center

(904) 824-1191
102 M L King Ave

In 2005, St. Augustine's first black public high school was re-invented as Excelsior Museum and Cultural Center.

Spanish Military Hospital Museum

(904) 342-7730
3 Aviles Street

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This museum offers an intriguing look into colonial medicine and early settlement life in St. Augustine, Florida.

St. Augustine Distillery Company

(904) 825-4962
112 Riberia Street

Explore St. Augustine's first legal distillery since prohibition! Enjoy fresh sugar-cane liquor made from scratch at this local hotspot.

Mission of Nombre de Dios

(800) 342-6529
27 Ocean Avenue

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Walk the scenic grounds dating back to the city's founding. Discover the role of Christianity in Florida at the Mission Museum.

Fort Mose

(904) 823-2232
15 Saratoga Blvd

In St. Augustine lies the site of the first legally sanctioned free African American settlement, Fort Mose. While the fort itself no longer stands, the groundbreaking history it stood for is still well known.